So near and yet so far….and a bit of begging

So I wrote a post the other night about how nervous I was ahead of the appointment with my doctor on Wednesday. There was the possibility of getting approved to have the final surgery in the process of becoming female and whilst there was good news in that sense, it wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped.

I suppose I should do my usual thing and post a song……


I’m not going to lie, I turned up at the doctor’s with more hope than expectation, however, after the initial pleasantries with Dr Curtis, we got down to the business of how the process was going, breast growth, other medical related things and we got onto the subject of the final surgery.

The conversation basically went along the lines of Dr Curtis being relatively happy with me being ready for the final op but can’t really get fully into the conversation until I am able to afford it, which is the main issue.

Without getting fully into it, I’m skint at the moment. As I have two jobs I should be able to get to the £10,000 mark relatively quickly, but that’s before I take out rent, bills, food, etc, which means realistically it’ll be a while until I am actually financially ready.

In many ways I feel a bit flat because I got what I wanted in that the doctor is happy that I’m ready, but I can’t actually go for it yet, and that sucks. Whilst bemoaning this on Facebook, several friends recommend I try Crowdfunder to try and raise a bit of money towards it.

This leads me neatly onto advertising the Crowdfunder project. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting people to donate and I feel a bit weird even having the Crowdfunder, but if anyone is willing to donate anything then it would be greatly appreciated. The link is below and I will be eternally grateful to anyone who does donate.

The Crowdfunder Project

I feel like one of those charity collectors on the street, trying to convince someone to donate money to something…..and I did that as a job back in 2008 for two days. Probably not the best fit for given that I was an introvert at the time (not anymore though).

Anyway, I’ll leave it there, although I’m going to leave a video that I posted on Youtube in December when I had been on hormones for two years.

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