Guesting on the Angstcast podcast!

In May 2017 I went to record a session for my friend Steve’s project “The Angstcast Podcast”, talking about a variety of subjects such as public displays of affection, my dislike for the Kardashian family, wrestling and a bit about my transition, which at that point I was just shy of 18 months away from completing.

Steve, a former colleague of mine (and a friend of just shy of five years at the time of writing) was trying to produce an A-Z of subjects, with different people on each letter, but things proved a bit tricky due to time constraints, peoples availabilities, etc, causing the pod we recorded to not be released until today, which happened to fall one day after the three year anniversary of us recording.

It was really interesting listening from my perspective as so much as changed in the time since it was recorded such as me talking about wanting to leave London as soon as possible, actually achieving it two weeks after this was recorded.

Below is a video I made for the pod so that I could get it on here. You can follow Steve’s podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean and Pinecast. You can also follow Steve on Twitter at @cpt_hooke or @angstcast

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