VLOG: End of 2020

It is New Years Eve and I have decided it is time to reflect on the year, this time in video form. Safe to say that it has been an interesting year, and not just because of Covid. Please note that the video does play, even if it looks like it doesn’t.   Continue reading VLOG: End of 2020

Nostalgia defeated!

At the moment a lot of people have time to think about things, and I am certainly one of those. The head of the company where I currently work has said that they’re probably not going to open until late July, so I haven’t even reached the halfway point from when my last shift was to the next probable one. Anyway, one thing that I think about often is the past and how it shaped me to be who I am today, but I realised something in the last few weeks….I think I’m over it. So before I go any … Continue reading Nostalgia defeated!