Back in Lincoln, job success and a case of dagnabbit

Firstly a song Recently I wrote an article about my concerns about finding new employment due to my lack of success since I started transitioning from male to female. I was very unsure of my future at that point but little did I know that I was to be offered a new job on the same day as writing that article. Yes, I got a new job. From the time I read the letter explaining that my previous employers had decided not to extend my contract, it was just shy of 37 hours before I got offered new employment. There … Continue reading Back in Lincoln, job success and a case of dagnabbit

And so the hunt begins

After spending a rather stressful time getting back to Wigan from London on Saturday evening, the last thing I needed was a letter from my employer saying that they would not be extending my current contract and therefore I was out of a job, but that’s exactly what happened. Yes, they waited until less than a week before Christmas before breaking this news to me and didn’t even have the decency to tell me to my face. I’m not overly disappointed about having left that employer, I’m not going to go into it fully but let me put it this … Continue reading And so the hunt begins

A video blog : Two years on hormones later

A few weeks back I posted about my transition from male to female and how it had been going, how much I had changed,you know, the usual. It was a blog entry that got a lot of attention on here (compared to other stuff I write anyway), so at the same time I posted a video blog on Youtube and I’ve decided to share that on here. As you can tell, my voice still needs a lot of work after two years, but when I compare it to how it was, it’s certainly a lot better, but anyway, here is … Continue reading A video blog : Two years on hormones later

Two years on hormones later…

Back in 2012 I went to my initial consultation with a gender specialist with the intention of changing from male to female on my 28th birthday, but due to an admin error, I couldn’t be seen that day and had to wait twelve more days to be seen and I remember thinking that it would be the longest twelve days of my life and that it would never end. Since that day things have flown and on December 4th I will hit the two year mark of being on hormones. It’s been an interesting two years and as the changes … Continue reading Two years on hormones later…