My Top 100 Songs

So those that know me know that one of my great passions is my music. It’s very rare that I am seen out of the house without my headphones, even if I don’t end up listening to any music, and when I looked at my iTunes and realised it consisted of nearly 100,000 songs, I decided to make a list of my 100 favourite songs, then I decided to post it here. There below has not been sorted by preference, because that would take far too long, and the only thing I have used to sort it is alphabetical order … Continue reading My Top 100 Songs

Canterbury : Thank You and Goodbye

Today I woke up to the news that my favourite band had announced that they were no longer going to write and produce new music, effectively splitting after more than 7 years together. For me, a fan of nearly five of those years, it almost feels like a member of my family has died. If you know me even slightly at all then you know that I am heavily into my music, it’s not just something that I listen to, it’s part of me. I am passionate about my music and throughout my life I have preferred the rock style of … Continue reading Canterbury : Thank You and Goodbye