My Top 100 Songs

So those that know me know that one of my great passions is my music. It’s very rare that I am seen out of the house without my headphones, even if I don’t end up listening to any music, and when I looked at my iTunes and realised it consisted of nearly 100,000 songs, I decided to make a list of my 100 favourite songs, then I decided to post it here. There below has not been sorted by preference, because that would take far too long, and the only thing I have used to sort it is alphabetical order … Continue reading My Top 100 Songs

Alfreton Town and the bizarre investment

This isn’t normally what I would blog about but it made me chuckle so much that I just couldn’t avoid writing about it. As a Lincoln City fan I have a general dislike for a lot of other teams, and one of them that springs immediately to mind is the Derbyshire based Alfreton Town. The clubs have met numerous times since the Imps were relegated to the Conference in 2011, and the clubs have played each other four times already this season, with another meeting just under a month away. Alfreton play at the Impact Arena,  the smallest ground in the … Continue reading Alfreton Town and the bizarre investment

Leelah Alcorn represents a difficult decision that can go wrong so easily

I started writing this just over 20 minutes before the end of 2014 and I was originally not going to comment on the story. The reason is that I didn’t want to sound pretentious or make it sound like I was only commenting to get people to come to my blog, so if it has come across in that way then I sincerely apologise, because it has not been done with that intent. For those of you that don’t actively follow transgender related news, a 17 year old transgendered individual from Warren County, USA, committed suicide a few days ago … Continue reading Leelah Alcorn represents a difficult decision that can go wrong so easily