VLOG: End of 2020

It is New Years Eve and I have decided it is time to reflect on the year, this time in video form. Safe to say that it has been an interesting year, and not just because of Covid. Please note that the video does play, even if it looks like it doesn’t.   Continue reading VLOG: End of 2020

WordPress, women, work and wrestling

I logged onto WordPress yesterday to write a film review for the other site I run on here and there was a notification waiting for me. Naturally I thought it was a just a “someone likes your post” notification, but it turned out that it was letting me know that it had been a year since I joined the site and I have spent the time since reflecting on the last year. So, before I start, here is a song…..   So let’s start with what brings most people to the site and that is my change of gender (seriously, … Continue reading WordPress, women, work and wrestling

Several weeks later….

So a few weeks ago I posted about how I was aiming to lose a bit of weight. I was confident in losing the first few stone very quickly indeed, but things haven’t quite worked out as I had hoped. I weighed myself a few weeks back and I was 20 stone 10, 290 pounds for my American friends, and I was shocked. It was comfortably the heaviest that I had ever been in my life and I set about losing weight. I was confident of losing it quickly as I had lost 3 stone (42 pounds) in a two … Continue reading Several weeks later….

Here we go again……

Just before New Year’s Eve in 2011, I was out with my friend Charlie in Leeds and she is taking pictures of everyone. There were several of me that were less than flattering to say the least. At the time I weighed just shy of 19 stone, that’s 266 pounds for those of you who don’t use the stones system. I was huge. This motivated me to finally lose weight and in January 2012 I set upon the only diet that I have ever done and I made it very difficult on myself. I would regularly bike to work (which … Continue reading Here we go again……