Turning 30 was the best thing that happened to me….now onto 31

363 days ago I turned 30 and at the time I wasn’t exactly thrilled on the idea, but looking back it has properly been the best year of my life and the reason for that is that I decided to start doing stuff that I wanted to do, rather than waiting for stuff to happen. I’m hoping that when I turn 31 on Saturday it will be much the same.

Firstly, thank you to the two people who pledged to my Crowdfunder. As expected it didn’t exactly take off, but I’m not mad about it. Don’t get me wrong, any donation is greatly appreciated but I don’t want to sound like I’m pleading for charity as well…..but if you do want to donate then please click below 🙂


I suppose I should really start by talking about changing gender. Everything is going rather swimmingly with it to be fair, and I finally managed to get my hair into a more feminine hair style, that despite chopping it’s length by half. I had wanted to cut it for quite a while as it became unmanageable. I also went back to having red hair (as in red, not ginger) for the first time in three years, so all is good in that sense.

My breasts are now at a size that if I was so inclined to do so, I could wear a revealing top and show people my chest without it looking overly odd (well, contextually anyway).

Really it’s just a case of waiting for the final op at the moment and once I’m done on this mini-holiday I’m having, I’m going to be saving pretty much all of the time for the final op.

Below is a picture of how I look now, and as you can tell, I’ve changed a bit from when I was still male (see above picture in the Crowdfunder thing for that), so all is good in that sense.


Last year I set myself a few goals for what I wanted to have achieved by the time I was 40. Two of which I’ve kind of given up on as learning to play an instrument never really got going and now I live more than 30 miles from the nearest ice rink, meaning that it’ll be difficult to achieve the learning to skate properly issue. Other than those two however, I’d like to think I’m moving along quite well.

I have ticked off another capital city for my travels. At the time of writing this I am sat in my hotel in Oslo. I didn’t particularly want to come to Oslo, but it’s on the way to a city in northern Norway called Tromso. I have wanted to go there for years and at roughly 4:30pm tomorrow (Friday 11th), I will have achieved that, flight punctuality pending of course.


Away from jetting off on holiday, I’ve been working hard to try and actually find what I want to do in life. At the time of writing for my 30th birthday, I was in a job that I hated and I still hated it months later. Apex Health and Social Care in Haydock are the worst company that I have ever worked for and quite frankly I find them to be an absolute joke. I hated working there and don’t have a good work to say about the place.

Now I have two jobs, one is at a telecoms company in Lincoln, where I am from, and I then got a job at the Odeon in Lincoln, a place where I had always wanted to work. In that sense I couldn’t be happier right now, and I’ve made some good friends whilst working at the Odeon. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve wanted to be sociable with colleagues outside of the work environment.

Anyway, I’m going to leave it there and unusually for me, I’m going to finish it with the song, something I normally do at the beginning.

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