An opportunity too good to turn down….but will probably have to

We Brits grow up on American culture. Most of the shows on our televisions are made in America, the majority of movies in the cinema are from the States, and our radio stations of full of whatever the country has to offer. It would be easy to consider the UK as “Diet America” and it is somewhere I have wanted to live and work for most of my life. On Saturday I finally got given that opportunity.

As usual, a song

So now that that is out of the way, I’ll continue.

On Saturday afternoon I went to the recruitment event in Westminster for the American travel company Camp America. I went without really thinking that I would be actually going to sign up for anything, but figured it was worth giving a go and seeing where it lead. I wandered around for about five minutes and then something caught my eye, the transgender flag.

I was immediately drawn to it and went to speak to the camp director. They (preferred pronoun) told me about their camp, called One Heartland and based just outside of Minneapolis, and how its purpose is to support LGBTQ+ youth in America as they try to enjoy their summer. Everything that they said to me sounded like music to my ears and when they offered me to the job, I was delighted. Even though it is for just a few weeks in the summer (mid-June to the first few days of August), it is a chance to fulfil a few dreams and ambitions.

Since completing my own transition in 2018 I have been looking for purpose and last year I decided to try to help other trans people who weren’t out yet, giving them advice or information that they might not have thought of asking, so this role fulfils not only that, but also the opportunity to live and work in America, albeit for a short period of time. Hopefully, if I do go, then working in America and getting a short term VISA might actually lead to longer term employment in the country.

However, the very obvious reality is that I am very unlikely to actually be able to go.

I’m currently waiting on start dates for two other roles, one based in London and the other just outside of Manchester, both told me after the interviews that whilst I was the candidate that they had picked, that they were in a recruitment freeze, so I’m sat waiting for a start date for jobs I want and would allow me to escape the job I am in at the moment but really don’t enjoy in the slightest.

The thing that makes me a bit nervous about everything is that with Camp America I would initially have to pay for stuff such as the VISA, DBS, all of that, and none of it is refundable. Now, there is the chance that neither of the aforementioned roles will actually come through and I could end up being free to go without any issues, but after what happened with the job is Islington, is it really that likely that three jobs will fall through in the exact same circumstances?

It is very frustrating to have this dream in the palm of my hands, all just to have it slip away.

Do I risk paying all this money, knowing that I am unlikely to be able to go, or do I take the sensible option and pull out? Luckily I don’t have to make a decision straight away and fortunately the part time job has already said I can have the time off, but time will soon run out!

Hopefully by that point the decision will be easier.

5 thoughts on “An opportunity too good to turn down….but will probably have to

  1. I guess it comes down to your attitude to risk and money. Is it worth a punt even though it may fall through? If that did happen, can you afford to take the hit emotionally and financially?

  2. If I don’t go I’ll see it as an opportunity missed, most definitely, but there are some heavy financial implications if I do go and it falls through. Fortunately with the latter, when I do start the new job I will be leaving my current place, so would be able to replace the money lost almost immediately thanks to the deposit.

    1. Hmm. Tricky 🙂 Maybe – and as per the old techno song – “it’s better to regret something you have done, that something you haven’t” 😉

      PS: top video choice. \m/

      1. Well my decision got made a bit easier today. Got offered a temp thing that will last two weeks, but pay enough to cover all of the costs, so going to use the money from that to pay for everything and if I don’t end up going, I’ve not lost any of the money that comes out of my normal wages.

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