There’s no place like home

On October 22nd I left Portugal for the final time, leaving behind a job I didn’t like, a city that was very meh (at best) and several people who I know I will never see again (which in the case of some people, is a very good thing). Whilst it took a few days to get used to the fact I won’t be heading back, I am now delighted to be home.

So before I continue, a song, as usual…..

Now back onto returning to the UK. I came back last Tuesday evening and it has taken a few days to settle back into life in England. At first, it didn’t feel real that I was back home and it took a few days for it to adjust to knowing that I wouldn’t be heading back to Lisbon again. I do miss a few of the people that work there and have spoken to some of them several times over the last week. Those guys are the only reason why I would ever head back to the city and even that would only be for a visit.

I have returned to England to work for a telecoms company in London, an opportunity that I am very much looking forward to. I left the telecoms industry in early 2016 to pursue a management opportunity at Odeon Cinemas, but I’ve always wanted to get back in, but that is easier said than done. After nearly a month, I am still waiting on a start date, but after meeting with my new potential boss on Friday, I am confident that everything is fine and will go ahead, it’s just a case of being patient. I have such faith that I actually turned down a job in Norfolk today, so I hope that is a decision that I don’t end up regretting.

Either way, I am fairly optimistic about getting a new job sorted as I’ve applied for a part-time role in a cinema in London, using it to supplement my eventual wages and they have already agreed to give me full-time hours whilst I am waiting for the telecoms job to come through. I have my interview for there tomorrow and the plan is that once everything goes through, I will be using the wages from that cinema job to help pay off my loan. I have 44 months left on my £252 a month loan,

I’ve asked for around 20-25 hours a week, which after tax would be between £525 and £656 a month. Let’s say for argument sake that I get an average of 90 hours a month, that is £591.12, add that onto my monthly payment and I will actually pay the 44 months off in just 14 months.

I know you all came here for maths on my finances 😛

In all seriousness though, I am desperate to get this loan over with. It’s been hanging over my head for far too long and is one of the reasons that I left Portugal. It became financially unviable to stay there given that around 2/7 of my wages were going to that. Granted, the loan was worth it as I wouldn’t currently have a vagina without it, but still, it’s killing me.

As I know I have a few readers who specifically come here just for the transgender-related content, to be honest, I haven’t really got a lot to say. Not a lot really changes after you’ve had your op, especially after a year. I’ve signed up to Plenty of Fish and have had a bit of interest, although I wonder how many actually read the bit where I clearly state I am post-op transgender. That’ll be fun if any of the conversations go any further.

I don’t really have much else to say really, so I’m just going to leave you all with a side by side, comparing how I looked in 2011 (the year before I came out as transgender) to how I looked exactly a year after I had my op.

4 thoughts on “There’s no place like home

  1. Welcome back to dear old Blighty 🙂 I hope the telecoms gig works out for you.

    Turned down a job in Norfolk? What would Partridge say about that? 🙂 Actually, probably best not to speculate 😉

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