“We’re in the end game now!”

On July 2nd 2018 I celebrated six years since I came out as transgender to friends, family and work colleagues. It has been an often awkward, mostly liberating and sometimes uncomfortable six years (seriously, female underwear is exceptionally tight), but it is still what I consider to be the best decision I ever made in life and now, as Dr Strange said in “Avengers : Infinity War”, “we’re in the end game now”.

So as per tradition on my personal blogs, here is a song that means a lot to me and resonates on a personal level due to the “be yourself” theme…..

So yeah, so we’re in the “end-game” and by that I mean that I am around three months away from my surgery to complete my transition from male to female. I’m now on target to hit the weight needed by the end of August, my loan got approved and is currently in the bank and my new job has approved my time off. The surgeon’s team have already agreed to do the operation in October and all I now need, other than to lose the final fourteen pounds, is to get a specific date in October from them, which I’ll get in July at some point.

It feels very weird that it is finally coming to an end, by the time it comes around I will have been on hormones for just shy of six years, three years longer than I had initially anticipated, and it feels long over due. It almost still doesn’t feel real and probably won’t do until well after the operation itself has taken place. I’ve been given all of the process for what happens after the operation and (a bit of detail here) the first attempt at urinating without a catheter after the operation will be on day three, and I imagine that will be the moment when it will finally hit home what has happened and that it is all over.

It seems almost strange to think that all of this waiting will finally be over, knowing my less than frequent posting on here I might not even post again until after the op has taken place.

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