Let’s try something a little different…..

So as my long term readers will know, I often have trouble with inspiration for this blog. I try to have a mixture of posts, but often they all come back down to my transition from male to female. It is one of the reasons I don’t post that often. Don’t get me wrong, I will happily write about my breast growth and having to save for the operation until I’m blue in the face, but I always try to bring something different.

I’m here again lacking inspiration and motivation, so I wanted to try something a bit different and throw it open to my readers, either new or old. Feel free to ask me anything you want in either the comments section, or message me if you’re connected to me via Facebook or Twitter with your question (I will keep your name private if you wish) and I will do my best to answer them as honestly as I can.

Your question can be about anything (as long as it’s not abusive or anything similar). Below are a few examples.

  • The transition
  • Work (please note that I have to be careful with these answers as depending on the question, I might not be able to answer)
  • Movies I’ve watched (although you could simply read SorryNeverHeardOfIt)
  • What I do in my spare time
  • Football/ice hockey
  • Other blogs

Obviously those are only examples, but happy to answer anything is reasonable and relatively respectful. You have seven days to get your questions in…..

So, fire away.

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