And it’s gone..

As I have been getting older I have become increasingly aware that things will come and go as time goes on, but today marks one of the saddest days of my life so far as I am saying goodbye to my childhood home.

My parents have lived at this house in Lincoln since before I was born, but with me, the youngest of the three children, having moved out some time ago, they no longer felt that they needed a four bedroomed house, especially as they’re now into the latter stages of their life (in the nicest way of saying it). They first told me in January of this year and said that they probably wouldn’t be moving until June, and I thought to myself that that was ages away, but then it went on sale towards the end of April and was sold within five days.

They are still going to be in the house for another few weeks, but after spending a final week here, tonight is the final day that I will ever spend in this house due to work commitments. I have trouble letting go of things anyway at the best of times, so I’ve been struggling today with this and I think that this really isn’t helped by the fact that their new house is a ten minute walk away, and when visiting them at their new house, unless driving, I will have to go past this house at one point or another.

Those of you that I have on Facebook will probably have had enough of me posting about this today, but I wanted to share a few photos that I have taken and a few memories from that area.


  • My brother in law taught me to play football towards the back of the garden. Well, I say he taught me, he tried to teach me.
  • There was an apple tree where that shed is.
  • In the grass bit nearest to the camera was a swingball tennis set.
  • To the left was a swing set when I was really young. One of the earliest pictures of me is me sat on my brother’s shoulders (he’s 17 years older than me)


  • Where I spent most of my time growing up.
  • Infact, I would bet that if you were to add my accumulative time spent in this room throughout my life, it would comfortably add up to at least five years.
  • To the left used to be a shelving unit that contained a new computer. My dad had bought that new computer in 1997 because I had been bought “Curse of Monkey Island”, which had a size of 16MB, whereas our original computer had a miximum size of 12MB. That was the 90s, kids.
  • To the right was a TV stand that I used to watch as I played “Populous : The Beginning” at 5am.
  • I tried to teach my youngest niece to crawl in this room.


  • Obviously the main room in the house, my parents are usually found in this room.
  • That stone fireplace and TV area was built in the mid 90s, most of the living room was shut off during that time.
  • Christmas every year has been held in this room, with the tree usually going in one of the corners.

My Bedroom/The View

  • Other than the “playroom” this was my most spent in room in the house
  • This was my bedroom from 14 onwards and the above was my view throughout
  • It’s the one bedroom that I’ve ever had where I can sleep with the window open and never have any fear of being woken by anyone walking by or any cars driving past.
  • My dad once banned me from playing music in the house when I had Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory” on repeat for hours on end.

My old bedroom/the Front of the House

  • This was my bedroom for a solid few years up until the age of about 14
  • Look at that view!
  • There used to be two trees in the middle of the front yard.

So there we have it, a few memories from each of the main areas of the house that I grew up in. Obviously there are far more rooms, but there are some that I have very few, if any, memories of those.

I just wanted to share these photos and some memories more for myself more than anything else. I’ve always been told that the best way to get through difficult times is to talk about them. I know that it will sound silly to most but I have so many memories wrapped up in this house that it is hard to let go. For example, in about three hours I will go to bed (technically tomorrow is my final day here, but it’s not a full day, so I count today as the last day), meaning that I will never actually go in the “playroom” again, which is strange to think about.

In around ten hours from now I will step out of the front door to go back to London, never to re-enter, which is a sad thought. Throughout the day I’ve been thinking as I’ve been doing something that it will be the last time I will do something specific, and this will always be a sad day when I look back at it.

I think that the next time I see my parents, which will be after they leave, that I will need to come and stand outside of the house (just to clarify, on the opposite side of the road) to look at it as someone who has no right to enter for the first time ever in my life. Once that is out of the way then I think I will be fine.

Goodbye childhood home.







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