It’s happening………

So recently (Closing in….Part 2) I spoke about my hopes ahead of my upcoming appointment with my gender specialist and it’s safe to say that the conversation went as well as I had hoped. Better infact! Although I will cover it more below, for those that don’t have me on Facebook,I can officially reveal that my doctor has said that he is happy to write a referal for me to a surgeon so that I can complete my transition to female, meaning that I am only a small handful of months away (if everything goes well)

So, as per my usual way of doing things, here is a song….

So yeah, I went to my appointment with my gender specialist on Tuesday afternoon and I have waited a few days to gather my thoughts following it. It’s quite an overwhelming feeling knowing that something you’ve waited your entire life for.

The consultation went like most did, with Dr. Curtis asking me how life had been since I last saw him in August. We moved onto how my body had developed since I had last seen him and then finally onto talking about the final operation in order to become female. We had a discussion that basically ended with him providing me a list of doctors that specialise in the process, some in the UK, a fair few in Thailand and one in Canada. He said that when I am ready to go through with it, he would write the referral letter for me and then I can go ahead and get everything rearranged down there.

Now, I know some of you will ask why I haven’t done it yet, and the answer two factors…..

  1. I don’t have the money yet. If I went with my first choice, which is one of the two UK based surgeons, then it will cost £11,500.I am contemplating a bank loan but it’s not ideal. More on this in a minute.
  2. Three words – Genital hair removal. I haven’t started this yet but as the (graphic details warning) process is basically inverting the skin of the penis to be the walls of the vagina, having ingrowing hair wouldn’t be ideal and therefore hair removal is required. Well I rephrase, there are some surgeons that do do a scrape of the skin to the point where hair growth is impossible…..but the process involves double the amount of healing time, is exponentially more painful and dangerous in the sense that it  could be too painful to dialate, and therefore the hole closes up….afterall, until it heals, a male-to-female vagina is basically just an open wound.

So that’s where I am at the moment, I am still in a state of emotions about this. I am obviously delighted that it’s going ahead, and I feel exceptionally overwhelmed. It’s brings a certain feeling of finality to the whole situation and it finally feels like it’s just around the corner, rather than in the very distant future. Even now, two days later, it still hasn’t fully set in, even though it’s all I’ve thought about since the meeting.12241765_10206604181836940_7579428281438698035_n

Fortunately I have a great support network of friends that are there if I have any issues and need someone to talk to, which is something that I haven’t been able to say for a long time. So whilst I have got the opportunity, a quick thank you to Holly Allaway (the girl with me in the picture on the right). Holly is the first person in a long time that I think I can actually consider a best friend, which is odd given that we don’t see each other that often, but she is a rock. She is one of those people that you hope are always in your life one way or another, and from past experiences, this is invaluable.

Also, whilst I am at it, thank you to a lot of my former colleagues at Odeon Lincoln, the majority of you helped me in more ways than you can imagine and I will always make time for you guys.

But anyway, I digress. As step one in that mini-list indiciates, I don’t really have the funds to do this at the moment and whilst I’m happy to take out a loan, I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask for a little help. I’m humble enough to admit that I need help on occasions, so below is a link to my Crowdfunder project (click the image). Any donations would be greatly appreciated, but I appreciate that no-one has to donate, but again, I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask.


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