2015 has come and gone, now onto 2016

So 2015 came and went, and it was one of the best years of my life, I made more friends than in any other year in my life, work was good and I made many important steps forward in my personal life, and I am optimistic of the future, which is what I am about to look at….but firstly, a song…..

The reason I have chosen that specific song for this blog entry is that despite getting a fresh start in 2016 with regards to work, I am moving for my a new role in my day job, this meant also transferring from the Odeon that I worked at in Lincoln and I feel sad about leaving there. It is the first place in a LONG time where I have enjoyed my job and got on well with pretty much everyone else.

I had wanted to work at the Odeon in Lincoln for a long time, and I had applied several times in the past without ever getting a response, but in June(ish) I went to watch Tomorrowland and I got talking to a guy called Reid. He said that they were hiring so I decided to send my CV in and see what would happen. I eventually got taken on and started working there at the end of June.


Unlike my spell at Showcase Cinema in my mid-20, I quickly settled into life at Odeon and made friends with pretty much everyone that was there (something that definitely wasn’t the case at Showcase). Six weeks after starting I was taken on permanently and although I had the odd moment here and there, I genuinely loved working there. For the first time in a long time, I looked forward to going into work.

They treated me very well, what with my availability change soon after starting due to issues with my day job, and although it might not have seemed like it at the time, I did genuinely appreciate it.

Had it not been for moving roles in my day job (a role that I start on the coming Monday), I would have happily stayed at Lincoln Odeon for the rest of my life, but with my main income moving to Wakefield, I couldn’t afford to stay at Lincoln Odeon and I have now transferred to another Odeon inbetween Leeds and Bradford.

It wasn’t until I finished my final shift on Thursday evening that it really set in that I was leaving, and on Saturday I went to watch a few films and realised that because some of the staff are on temporary contracts, I might not see them ever again. Granted, it’s not the first time that this has happened, and I have lost plenty of friends via one method or another, but this feels a different.

In many ways it reminds me of a quote that I saw last year. I couldn’t find the exact wording for it again, but the below is an image I created that effectively sums it up.


It’s hard to put into words why I feel so sad that I’m leaving Lincoln Odeon, it was my choice afterall and I’m certainly not ruling out returning in the future and I hope that the door would be open for me to return if I do indeed need to in the future. I think it’s more that I had wanted to work there for so long and was happy there, not to mention the friendships. In a few weeks I’ll be fine, but at the moment I feel somewhat sad about the situation.

So yeah, onto 2016 and as I mentioned above, I finally start my new role on Monday. It’s been five/six weeks since I was offered the role so it feels like it’s been a LONG time in coming, so it’s nice to finally be starting.

The only stressful part of the whole thing now is waiting for my housing situation to sort itself out. The earliest that I am likely to get the keys is the 9th, but that will be almost a full month after the whole process started. I understand that they have paperwork to do, but I was actually hoping to move in the week between Christmas and New Year, but now I am having to get a hotel for my first week at my new job due to it being too far to travel every single day.

As I say, that’s the only stressful part, so I’m hoping that sorts itself out within the next few days.

But yeah, that’s what’s happening with life at the moment, so all that’s left is to leave you a link to an entry to my movie review blog in which I list my Top 10 Films of 2015, and if you like it, if you could like the Facebook page then it would be appreciated. Simply click on the button below to be taken to the page.




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