Here we go again……


Just before New Year’s Eve in 2011, I was out with my friend Charlie in Leeds and she is taking pictures of everyone. There were several of me that were less than flattering to say the least. At the time I weighed just shy of 19 stone, that’s 266 pounds for those of you who don’t use the stones system. I was huge.

This motivated me to finally lose weight and in January 2012 I set upon the only diet that I have ever done and I made it very difficult on myself. I would regularly bike to work (which was 10 miles away) and my average meal was a natural yoghurt, a bit of cereal and some juice, if I felt generous I would treat myself to a packet of crisps. That was me for about 2 to 3 months. I was exhausted though. A low calorie intake and heavy exercise was not fun and I was always on the verge of falling asleep.

It worked though. Less than 10 days after starting I had already gone below the 18 stone mark and by the end of the first month I had gone below 17 stone. The only good thing about being fat and vastly overweight was that the weight came off extremely quickly. Once I fell below 17 stone the weight didn’t come off as quickly, although after to or so months I was down to 16 stone, something that I hadn’t weighed in around 4 years at the time. I did briefly get down to about 15 stone 10, but then it just stopped, my body wouldn’t let me lose anymore and I just figured that was my natural plateau.

Below is a picture of me (before I started changing gender obviously) after I had lost a lot of weight the last time around. This was, I believe taken in mid-late February 2012 and by now I had lost more than 30 pounds. I was exceptionally pleased with myself and felt great for losing that amount of weight in such a short amount of time.



Soon afterwards I start the transition to being female and although I put on a bit of weight, it’s relatively under control for the most part, helped by a part time job that means I’m on my feet all day, however, the hormones increased my appetite to an unbelievable level and I was always hungry. I was warned about an increased appetite from my doctor but I never imagined it would be like this. It’s like going through puberty again….in more ways than one.

I had moved to Newark by this point and therefore wasn’t getting my exercise from biking anymore as my house was less than a mile from where I worked. I was working crazy hours to keep up with the workload and because of this I couldn’t get down a gym. I quickly started putting weight back on.

I change jobs and move across country to Blackburn and in the space of around 18 months I had gone from biking nearly 20 miles every day to having the train station literally right outside my house, and work at the other end being right next to the train station. I had left the part time job when I relocated and I was now sat down all day. I was not getting any exercise whatsoever.

The weight suddenly started piling on and by the November of 2013, I weighed more than before I had even gone on the diet. I do join a gym but because my legs cramp easily, it’s hard to exercise properly on a stationary machine.

By July 2013 I have moved jobs again and am now working nights. This however proves to be the biggest problem with my weight maintainence. My working hours were 7pm until 7am, I don’t get home until 8 and I fall asleep pretty much straight away most days. I wake up at 4:30/5pm and because I have to use public transport, I am in a rush and regularly have to grab something on the way and it was rarely healthy.

Because I can’t leave the building, I have to buy enough food to see me through the night but I couldn’t budget it properly and was regularly eating a LOT of calories and was getting no exercise whatsoever. I soon left that job for reasons I’d rather not get into.

Anyway, in the recent past I have started getting severe back pain when I am walking and I figure that it’s because of the weight, so I was planning on losing weight anyway. I downloaded an app that I used last time and it asked for my weight, I stepped on the scales and although I knew I was heavy, I was shocked at the number that appeared on the screen.

20 STONE AND 13 POUNDS, or if you don’t speak stones, 293 pounds. TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY THREE POUNDS. I have to lose over two stone (28 pounds) before I even get to my starting point from the last diet.


I knew I had put on weight and was heavier than I had ever been before, but I never imagined it would have been that amount.

The only positive is that it gives me a nice, round number to work with. My aim is to lose 90 pounds overall, which would put me at 200 pounds, or 14 stone 4. The app recommends that to achieve this weight heavily, I should be aiming to lose 2 pounds a week, which means that I have 45 weeks to achieve my target weight (healthily anyway). By my calculations, that means I have until February 29th next year to do this.

Now, as I say, that is based on losing 2 pounds a week. Last time I was averaging 2 pounds a day for the few first weeks so my actually aims are below, although I am not fooling myself into thinking it will come off as easily as last time due to being older and having considerably less distance to get to work than last time.

Weight Target Date Days since diet began
Pounds Stones
290 20 stone 10 20/04/2015 0
280 20 stone 30/04/2015 10
266 19 stone 12/05/2015 22
252 18 stone 31/05/2015 41
238 17 stone 30/06/2015 71
224 16 stone 05/08/2015 107
210 15 stone 05/10/2015 168
200 14 stone 4 25/10/2015 188


Now, I know some of you will look at some of those targets and think that I am being unrealistic, but with a lot of the weights, especially the higher ones, I have previously lost more weight than that in a shorter amount of time so I am confident of getting rid of the first few stone relatively quickly.

I’m not going to lie, I think this is going to be relatively smooth sailing until I hit the 18 stone mark. Notice how in that table I go from relatively short gaps between weights before then giving myself a full month to get from 18 to 17, and then 5 weeks to get from 17 to 16?

As I mentioned earlier, last time when I got down to 17 stone it suddenly came off considerably less easily, however, I am reasonably confident of achieving most of my targets, especially the earlier ones.

I will be writing about the diet on the blog quite a bit throughout the foreseeable future. If any of you use myfitnesspal, my username is jacksonkate1984.

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