My Top 100 Songs

So those that know me know that one of my great passions is my music. It’s very rare that I am seen out of the house without my headphones, even if I don’t end up listening to any music, and when I looked at my iTunes and realised it consisted of nearly 100,000 songs, I decided to make a list of my 100 favourite songs, then I decided to post it here.

There below has not been sorted by preference, because that would take far too long, and the only thing I have used to sort it is alphabetical order of the artist involved. With some I will share a personal story about why the song means so much to me, or alternatively, with dedicate them to someone.

So here we go…..


Song : Il Libro Dell’ Amore (The Book of Love)

There are a lot versions of this song around, right from the original by The Magnetic Fields, to it’s cover by Peter Gabriel, Airborne Toxic Event (who feature again in a few songs time) and many others, but for me the most beautiful version of the song is from Croatian pair, Stjepan Hauser and Luka Šulić, more commonly known as 2Cellos.


Song : Immortal

Against Me!

Song : Teenage Anarchist

I knew nothing of Against Me! until one day I heard on Kerrang Radio that their lead singer had come out as being transgender and would from that moment on live as a woman. Being transgender myself I automatically became interested in the story and soon started listening to their music.

Whilst most of their music is not to my personal taste, there was one song in particular that stuck with me and that is  “I Was A Teenage Anarchist”, a story about loving back on your youth and remembering how rebellious you were, even if you’ve now abandoned that for something completely different.

Airborne Toxic Event

Song : Sometime Around Midnight

If I was to turn this into a Top 10 list, this would still feature as it is an amazing song. It is a rarity in music in that not one single line is ever repeated throughout the entire song, and it’s a constant build, starting very calmly before gradually becoming heavier as the song goes on, reflecting how the person in the song is feeling.

This song reminds me a lot of one my old friends. I am not going to go too deeply into the subject but she was the closest thing I ever had to having a true love in my life. She was absolutely amazing and for the latter part of my teens and the first half of my 20s she was everything to me, but one thing lead to another and we’re no longer friends. It’s not because we had a major argument, we just drifted apart and we haven’t spoken since September 2011, and that was only a very quick email exchange. Fuck, I didn’t even realise it had been almost three and a half years until I wrote that. That’s scary.

It reminds me of her because, much like the person in the song, they love this person but ultimately they can never be with them and it tears this person apart inside. Funnily enough the girl right at the end of the video even looks like my old friend.

All American Rejects

Song : Move Along and Gives You Hell

One of the few bands that I have seen more than once, I first heard Move Along in 2006 and was instantly hooked as it’s a song that tries to tell you that things just aren’t worrying about and that’s it’s best if you just move on to the next step in your life.

A few years later and they released the amazing Gives You Hell, which I think would feature in my Top 10 if I was to make one. The song doesn’t really relate to me at all but it’s just a fun song, one that you can get into no matter what mood you’re in at the time and it actually got me through several shifts at various jobs.

American Hi Fi

Song : Flavour of the Weak

Andrea Bocelli

Song : Time to Say Goodbye

Axis of Awesome

Song : 4 Chords

If you’re after a fun song, this is the one for you.

Ben E King

Song : Stand By Me

Biffy Clyro

Songs : Machines and The Captain

The Captain in particular stands out for me from these two as it is almost like a sea-shanty. The reason this sticks out for me is that for a few years I regularly attended Whitby Pirate Day, run by my friend Charlie and Lorrie, those were some awesome weekends.

Both songs, and infact the band themselves, also represent that if the act gets it right, it is still possible for a rock band to break into the Simon Cowell run charts. In the UK there is a weekly round up of the Top 40 songs on radio and it is dominated by the same nonsense, as well as numerous participants in Cowell’s glorified karaoke contest, and it’s nice to occasionally get a bit of variety in there.

I would also recommend Whitby to anyone, it’s a lovely coastal town.

Blink 182

Songs : Adam’s Song, Always, I Miss You, Lost Without You and You Fucked Up My Life

Blink 182 are one of the world’s most famous rock banks and are one of just three acts (along with All American Rejects and Canterbury) that I have seen live more than once. They were pretty much the first rock band I ever got into but it wasn’t until I bought their self-titled album that I fell in love with them.

At first I really didn’t like the self-titled album due to it’s dramatic departure from their usual style of pop punk, but then I started properly listening to it and it was amazing. It is easily me favourite album and is fully of amazing songs and three of those feature here.

Bob Dylan

Song : The Times They Are A-Changing (Watchmen version)

Bon Jovi

Song : Always

Bowling For Soup

Songs : Punk 101 and 1985

Box Car Racer

Songs : There Is and I Feel So


Songs : Going Nowhere, Gloria and Hospital

I have previous written about Canterbury after they announced their split a few months ago. They recently performed three final shows in Birmingham, Manchester and London and it was strange being at the latter two because you went in knowing that after the London show I would never see them again.

Canterbury were an incredible band and there are virtually no songs that I don’t like and if this was a Top 200 then every single one of their songs would feature at one point or another. Ultimately only three made it into my Top 100, and the ultimate irony about “Going Nowhere” is it that it literally says “I’m going nowhere” and it was the last song on their last album.


Song : No Ordinary Morning

Christina Perri

Song : Jar of Hearts

This song helped me get over the end of a friendship back in 2012. The end to the friendship was far from civil and was very bitter on both sides. I’m not going to mention who this person is because I know they’ll throw one of their usual strops and I’m not in the mood for it, nor am I going to get into what happened as I’ve covered that far too many times in the past, but safe to say that I think this song perfectly summed up that person.


Song : I’ll C U When U Get There

One of the few rap songs I actually like. I’ll warn you now, if you’re expecting any hip-hop songs on this list then you might as well go now.

I have R&B, hip-hop and anything of a similar nature.

Curse of Monkey Island

Song : A Pirate I Was Meant to Me


Song : Down With the Sickness

Eagle Eye Cherry

Song : Save Tonight


Song : Through

Enter Shikari

Song : Adieu


Song : My Immortal

Foo Fighters

Song : Best Of You

Good Charlotte

Songs : Counting the Days and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous


Song : Good Riddance

Who doesn’t like this song? Seriously? It is one of the most emotionally charged songs and can speak to anyone from any walk of life as it promotes nostalgia, or the end of an era.

Perfect for compilation videos.

Head Automatica

Song : Beating Heart Baby

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Song : Wicked Little Town (Tommy Gnosis version)


Song : Sigur Ros


Song : American English

Jimmy Eat World

Song : The Middle

I mentioned this song in my Leah Alcorn post recently and this is remained one of my favourite songs since I first heard it in my teens. It basically has the message of doing what you want, regardless of whether anyone else approves or not because at the end of the day, other people’s opinions don’t matter.

I’ve always been one to be different from the rest of any crowd I am in and I used to think it was weird until I heard this song. Being different isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good thing and I’d rather be someone who is different than another identikit part of a group.

If this list was in the format of a normal “Top 100″then there is a very good chance that this song would be Number 1.

John Murphy

Songs : Adagio in D Minor and In the House in a Heartbeat

Johnny Cash

Song : Hurt

Jose Gonzalez

Songs : Stay Alive and Step Outside

Kernkraft 400

Song : Zombie Nation

Lene Marlin

Song : Flown Away

Lighthouse Family

Songs : High and Free


Song : Neverending Story

Linkin Park

Songs : Crawling, Iridescent, Shadow of the Day and Waiting for the End

Whilst Blink 182 got me into rock music, Linkin Park were probably the first band I was obsessed by. Before they sold out and started working with more mainstream artists, such as the abysmal work with Jay-Z and other such people who inspire chavs, I was majorly into them.

I was 16 when Hybrid Theory came out and I remember playing it over and over again and Crawling in particular was often played, much to the very vocal annoyance of my dad.

Lord of the Rings

Song : Bridge of Khazad Dum (the bit after Gandalf “dies”)


Songs : Outro and Raconte Moi Une Histoire

Marilyn Manson

Song : Resident Evil Movie Main Theme

My Chemical Romance

Song : Planetary (GO!)


Song : Rock Star

Nik Kershaw

Song : I Won’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me

Not Advised

Song : The World’s Not Ready


Song : Whatever

Much like Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”, this song preaches that it’s ok to do what you want to do, be who you want to be and not put up with crap because of it.

Being different is a good thing.

One Night Only

Song : Just For Tonight

Panic! At the Disco

Song : I Write Sins Not Tragedies


Song : Running Up That Hill

I’m not going to lie, until just before I started writing this sentence, I didn’t know that this was a cover.

Polyphonic Spree

Song : Reach for the Sun

Public Domain

Song : Operation Blade


Song : Disco 2000


Songs : Du Hast and Links 234

Randy Edelman

Song : To the Stars

I would go as far as saying that this is the most beautiful song I know.

Robbi Robb

Song: In Time

Set It Off

Song : Dreamcatcher

This song means a lot to me because it is basically about chasing your dreams and doing everything to achieve them. I’d never heard of Set If Off until I went to see another band that they were supporting, but I instantly fell in love with this song.

To quote lead-singer Cody from that night : “This is for all those who want to achieve something. You only get one live so make the most of it. I’m not going to say that stupid catchphrase (YOLO) but it’s important that you do what you want, whilst you can.”

Snow Patrol

Song : Chasing Cars

System of a Down

Song : Violent Pornography

Sound of Arrows

Songs : A Very Sad Song, Into the Clouds and Nova (Mellow version)


Song : Dry Your Eyes

Sum 41

Songs : Pieces and With Me


Song : Overture 1812

The Churned

Song : Forever

This song just makes me laugh, and more to the point, the video. For those that don’t live in the UK, this was from an advert from a dairy called Yeo Valley and they released several music videos to convince customers to go over to them and this advert just got me.

It mocks boybands but is also a catchy song. There was a campaign in 2011 to get this to Christmas number one, but it didn’t prove successful.

The Offspring

Songs : The Kids Aren’t Alright and Why Don’t You Get A Job

The Starting Line

Song : The Best Of Me

This Will Destroy You

Song : The Mighty Rio Grande

The final song I’m going to write about is this non-lyrical number. I first heard it in the excellent film “Moneyball” and due to it’s atmosphere, it’s hard to get lost in the emotion of something.

When I first started coming out as being transgender, people at work were the first to be told and on the first day people started getting told, I happened to be listening to this song. Due to this song and the situation, I all of a sudden started becoming overwhelmed by how real everything suddenly felt and I started crying….whilst in the middle of work.

Everything worked out fine in the end obviously, but this song will always remind me of a time when I felt so incredibly vulnerable, and it humbles me.

Tracy Chapman

Song : Fast Car

Two Steps From Hell

Song : Freedom Fighter


Song : Pork and Beans


Songs : Hang You Up and Sing For Me


Song : Where Is My Mind?

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