Back in Lincoln, job success and a case of dagnabbit

Firstly a song

Recently I wrote an article about my concerns about finding new employment due to my lack of success since I started transitioning from male to female. I was very unsure of my future at that point but little did I know that I was to be offered a new job on the same day as writing that article. Yes, I got a new job.

From the time I read the letter explaining that my previous employers had decided not to extend my contract, it was just shy of 37 hours before I got offered new employment. There are many in the UK who complain about not being able to find a job and that there is nothing going at all, poppycock is my response to that.

I read that letter at about 2am on a Sunday morning and had to wait until about 9am on the Monday morning before I had an internet connection that would allow me to apply for jobs. As soon as I was able to, and roughly 31 hours after I found out that I was no longer employed, I was able to search for a new job. Less than 6 hours later I had applied for a job and been offered it.

Now, I admittedly have a lot of skills and qualifications, I have a qualification from Harvard Business School, and I am also Prince 2 qualified, meaning that I have a lot of avenues to explore, but my initial fears about not finding employment just because of my lack of success since I started officially changing gender was misplaced. The role isn’t officially mine at the moment as I have to wait for security clearance due to the nature of the job, and we probably won’t have that back until the week after next, meaning I am just in a bit of limbo at the moment, but I’m making the most of the time off.

I am living back with my parents for the time being, which given that I am 30 is a little strange and made even stranger given that this is the first time since I started becoming female that I have spent more than just a few days with them. It’s also strange being back in Lincoln permanently for the first time since early 2012. I’ve definitely missed the city and all the people that I knew growing up.

The below is a beautiful image of Lincoln cathedral taken by my friend, Jeremy from a few nights ago when it had just been snowing.


It’s all good though and we all enjoyed a nice Christmas together, along with my brother, sister, their partners and their children. Everyone still refers to me by my old male name, which is a bit strange, and even my brother-in-law pointed out that it was unusual. It’s very strange that my parents keep referring to me in the male sense when you consider that they bought me a lot of feminine hygiene products for Christmas, such as one of the feminine Lynx deodrants and shower gel collections, and a few pieces of female clothing.

Not that I mind to be fair, I’m changing gender for me and no-one else, and I think now my mum is over going into my bedroom from when I first started staying her after telling her and finding a bra just laying on the floor. It definitely caused a surprise the first time it happened.

I’ll leave you with the only downside to Christmas. I went to put “Dumb and Dumber To” on for my brother as well one thing lead to another and now my laptop looks like this……


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