My ever growing wanderlust


When many of my friends have turned 30 they have said that the first thing that they have done is look back on their 20s and regret the things that they missed out on. For years I thought that that wouldn’t happen to me, but now with just six weeks and a day before I hit the big 30, I too find myself feeling that sense of regret.

Now I could look back on many incidents during my 20s that I regret. I could pinpoint the numerous friends that I have lost and regret each and every one of them, such as what happened with Marinda and Jodi, or alternatively I could look back on not being able to hold down a job during my early 20s and therefore putting financial pressure on myself, or even just the financial difficulties I have had in recent years, but instead I think the biggest regret I have is that I haven’t travelled nearly as much as I would have liked.

Only getting a passport for the first time in early 2012, it’s hardly a surprise that I didn’t go many places during my 20s, and even then I didn’t use it until May 2013, and in that time I have visited three different locations, Barcelona, Ibiza and Milan, and whilst the latter of those three was a pile of shit (seriously, Milan is a dump), my ventures to the other two leaves me wondering what else I missed out on.

There were many times on all three trips, even the horrible Milan trip, where I was tempted not to return to England, instead remaining abroad and establish a new life in a brand new country, and most of my time at the first half of 27 was trying to secure employment in America or Canada, with no success, not even a single interview, which was very disappointing to say the least.

As time has gone on I have become increasingly restless with a mundane life and I am now desperate to travel, it consumes my thoughts in my spare time, and it’s not helped that a lot of the movies I go to watch end up having the protagonists travel to unique locations that you don’t normally see in films, therefore expanding your horizons, such as the visits to Greenland and Iceland in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

I can’t even begin to point on when I started getting wanderlust, it must have been quite a while ago because it just seems to have come on strong in recent years with no seeming point of origin. If I had to guess I would say it was when I was turned 25 and had a bit of a crisis then, turning into a completely different person.

So to give you an idea of my wanderlust, here is a list of some places I want to visit, most of which you might not have heard of before, so I’m going to include reasons with each of them.

  • Tromso, Norway

I first became aware of the arctic region town of Tromso in the early 2000s when I started getting really into a music artist called Lene Marlin, and then over the years I started to become a fan of the football team.

Also, it’s very secluded, sitting right in the middle of a valley of mountains and is near enough as far north as you can go in Scandinavia, You are really out of the way and based on the below image, there are plenty of opportunities to get some great pictures. I mean, look how awesome this looks.


  • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

A waterfall where you can, at various times of the day, stand on the edge (in the water) without going over, what’s not to love?

My only major issue with going here is that I know precisely fuck all about what else is around and just for hanging over a swimming pool, it might not be worth going for a one off trip on it’s own, maybe as a collection of larger African sights.


  • Nashville, USA

To see my friend Megan. If I ever go to America then this is the first place I’m going.

Not going to lie, I don’t have a clue what else is in or around Nashville, other than some stuff relating to music, but Megan is there and that’s good enough for me.


  • Plitvička Lakes, Croatia

Not going to lie, until about 2 years ago I thought Croatia was just a bunch of rubble, but then I saw some pictures of the country and it was stunning, truly beautiful, and Plitvička Lakes is arguably the best example of this.

It may surprise many people to know that despite my love of rock music and adrenaline, I am a very chilled out fucker most of the time, and going to somewhere like this, where there is virtually no ruin from human civilisation, is very appealing to me.


  • Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

A bay in south east Asia filled with thousands of mini islands, meaning that there is a great chance of getting to an island where you would be literally the only person on that piece of land.


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