A decision that is against my better judgement

In 2006 I started a video-diary account on Youtube following Lincoln City around on their quest to gain League Two, a quest that inevitably failed and eventually turned into a relegation to the Conference and a near further relegation to the Conference North.

The club’s decline, combined with ongoing issues with the shockingly shite Samsung Galaxy Note, and the somehow even worse HTC One X, meant that I lost interest in doing the videos and they became fewer and far between. The HTC One X was such a terrible phone that I was regularly below 60% battery before I even arrived at the ground that Lincoln were playing away at, making it impossible to complete the game.

Meanwhile, my interest in ice hockey started taking over at the beginning of 2014 as I started travelling on a regular basis to watch the Blackburn Hawks, becoming the official camera operator and highlights editor for the club, and it made a refreshing change to actually be appreciated for my efforts by more than just one or two people.

So what is the point of this blog entry that I have referred to as “news about the videos?” well, despite my better judgement, the videos will be returning in the coming season but they will contain very few Lincoln City games as I rarely attend their matches anymore. Infact, the only Lincoln City games I intend on attending next season are the games away at Altrincham, Dover, Eastleigh (all because they’re new grounds), Southport (because I will be able to get there very easily on the train from Wigan (where I will be living in the near future) and maybe, at an absolute push, Chester City (I say that because Chester FC’s ground is a shithole filled with scumbags).

So, where will I be going instead? Well, I intend on going to grounds I haven’t been to in a long time and some foreign grounds. I have gotten a taste for going abroad recently and enjoyed my visits to the Nou Camp and the San Siro. Obviously for a lot of these videos I will be on my own so videos will be considerably shorter than in the past, but to sort that issue out I will be trying to think of new features.

But that’s your news. My channel will also include some none football related videos, although these will be few and far between.

Confirmed Events Leading To Videos

19/07/2014 – Witton Albion vs Telford

06/08/2014 -Blink 182 Live at Brixton Academy

10/08/2014 – Liverpool vs Dortmund


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